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Reversing a simple cryptosystem

 From a technical standpoint, video games are really interesting. Not only they impose the players rules that virtually can’t be broken, but they also heavily rely on parsing, AI, networking, external execution units (scripts) and others interesting stuff. The biggest games are massive though. Yet, I managed to find a small French “amateur-ish” MMORPG that I thought would be quick to study. It was actually a quite interesting project.

Online games are usually interesting to reverse for their network protocols. Digging around in Wireshark, I was unable to correlate in-game...

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UT2004 Dedicated server notes

 The Unreal series have always been very important to me. I literally have them all, including the old solo games and the console ones. Unreal Tournament 2004, however, was a very interesting one. A full working editor (UnrealEd) was included out of the box, aside of the game, expanding the game lifetime by a lot. The main trend was to create maps, which were often “signed” by their author, like Under_LE, but executing code was also possible using the UnrealScript language. In the end, the game was so editable...

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